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Triumph was a motorcycle turned car maker that provided Britain with some fantastic cars between 1953 and 1977. We have worked on many TR series over the years and they are still powerful and fun cars to drive, their 100mph plus performance means they can still keep up with daily traffic conditions.

The Triumph TR2 was launched in 1953 and set a standard for well built, fast and mechanically simple sport cars. The TR3, TR4, TR5 and TR6 built on the basic form taking engine power up to 150bhp, which in 1967 was certainly spritely.

Triumph’s Spitfire and GT6 models are still popular classic cars but are held back a little by their low values meaning a full restoration is not a profit-making enterprise. In 1970 the Triumph Stag arrived and is great handling Grand Tourer with a fabulous sounding 3 litre engine.

Triumph’s last hurrah was the TR7 and TR8. The TR7 began production in 1975 and its on-trend ‘Wedge’ shape divided opinion at the time, but it is now just beginning to look cool again. The TR7s 105bhp was uprated to 137bhp in the TR8 which was built for export with only a few sold in the UK and these TR8s are really very rare cars in right hand drive form. Poor build quality and the unreliability of these models spelt for the end the Triumph Motor Company as a manufacturer of sport cars and they ceased operations in 1984. A sad and inglorious end to one of Britain’s greatest sport car marques.


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