The Non M.O.T check up - the M.O.T test you can’t fail!

As the owner of an M.O.T exempt classic car driven on the roads you are still responsible for keeping your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy state, and there is the snag – because being certain your car is roadworthy means taking an M.O.T test and if you fail that test then your car is no longer able to be driven on the road. Even though of course, it didn’t need an M.O.T test to start with! A frustrating conundrum that is solved by our unique Non M.O.T check.

Classic cars often have limited use and all that standing around means that the rust bug can take hold in undisturbed places. Pipes can corrode and rubber fuel lines perish with disastrous effects. Tyres may have limited miles on them, but the rubber become brittle with age and through sporadic use and this at best can cause unexpected handing traits and at worse be downright dangerous. Rubber bushings may decay over time degrading handling. In short, its vital to stay on top of any faults and attend to them before they become a threat to your driving enjoyment and your safety.

Our main mechanic is an ex-M.O.T tester with D.V.S.A and he has created an M.O.T style inspection that covers all of the standard M.O.T checks as well as some specific checks for classic cars including a road test to check handling and general driveability of your pride and joy – something the M.O.T test does not offer.

Bring your car to us for a 1-hour inspection for just £60 and receive a detailed report that is either a bill of good health or a list of faults that need fixing. If you are mechanically minded and want to repair things yourself then you’ll be under no pressure for us to fix them. Need help to put them right?, then we will refund £20 towards the cost of repairs. It’s that simple – peace of mind, a list of what you need to focus on and many more miles of safe classic car driving.

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