Pre and post purchase inspections

We carry out comprehensive classic car inspections for a fixed fee up to 100 miles (for longer distances or overnight stays bespoke charges can be arranged).

For all pre-purchase inspection reports, verbal advice is available on the same day as the inspection.
As experts on classic car and prestige cars we bring deeper knowledge than many other inspectors. Reports for pre-purchase, insurance valuation or onward sale will have a different focus on positives, obvious flaws, originality of parts, correct details for the manufacturing year, current value and likely investment required. Should you decide to bring us a vehicle we have inspected for renovation we will refund the cost of the inspection and report.


Benefits of our reports can include:
– for buyers, leverage to lower purchase cost
– for sellers, leverage to justify a higher sale cost
– accurate insurance cover
– detailed record for insurance claim in case of total loss
– accurate valuation
– expert witness reporting for court cases

  • Pre-purchase, insurance valuation and on-ward sale inspection reports: From £400
  • Expert witness reporting: from £550

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  • Longer distances and multiple inspections: Negotiable

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