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We have huge experience of working on all classic Jaguar models – we always seem to have at least two classic saloons and E-types in our workshop at any time.

Jaguar has long held a special place in collectors’ hearts, no doubt due to the wide range of models which when new, and now, offer something for everyone’s budget. The pre and post war saloons are still fantastic looking and graceful vehicles, but it’s for sports cars that the brand is best known. The XK120 debuted in 1948 and was the car that made Jaguars reputation as a maker of great performance cars. The XK140 and XK150 followed in 1954 and 1957, delivering more speed and refinements.

Its range of saloon cars begin with the Jaguar Mk1 saloon, a compact but sporting coupe which offered style, space and speed. The Mk2 and Mk 3 further developed these vehicles levels of handing and comfort. 

But it is of course the Jaguar E-type that Jaguar is best known for. When launched in 1961, this car startled the motoring world and was most famously was described by Enzo Ferrari as the most beautiful car ever made. It became hugely popular in the USA where the E-type had many celebrity owners such as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

The early Series 1 E-types still command the most money, but the Series 1.5 car is a really quite rare find and rather under-valued. The Series 3 E-type is the cheapest entry point to E-type ownership but be aware that it costs about the same to work on any Series of E-type, and the difference in value for an early 1960s E-type and an early 1970s E-type is still very large. 

You can still find many project cars in the USA and cheaply ship them back to the UK for a restoration but be careful and check the car out thoroughly – ‘Bitzer’ cars are common and you may find engine parts from different years or even different types of Jaguar models. Finding the correct parts can be very expensive.


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