Restoring one of Britain’s greats – Jenson Interceptor

Jenson Interceptor

This Jenson Interceptor was about to leave with its owner to a new life in Spain. Our client wanted the car restored prior to leaving. Working against a fairly tight deadline we stripped the car to bare metal and discovered that time had not been kind to the underside. We carried out extensive rebuilding and complex fabrication to some very poor-quality welding repairs from the past.

The car was repainted in the original and fabulous metallic Cherry colour and the roof was re-covered in a new vinyl.

Jenson Interceptor

The car required various mechanical repairs to the engine, running gear and operational features. The factory installed air-conditioning had stopped working many years before and was replaced with a much more efficient system which was both environmentally friendly and designed to able to cope with the extreme heat of southern Spain.

Jenson Interceptor

The result

This fantastic example of a Jenson Interceptor is now mechanically and cosmetically in the best possible condition and ready for a long and trouble-free life in Spain.