Rebuilding a legend – Triumph TR4 works rally car 5VC

Our client managed to obtain this incredibly rare 1962 works Rally car and began a restoration. Long believed lost and with another car in Germany claiming to be the original 5VC its discovery and continued restoration is major story in the world of vintage Triumphs. Some of the work completed by another garage was not up to the owner’s standards and the car was brought to us for a full body, chassis and transmission restoration.

5VC is one of only four special alloy panelled TR4’s prepared by Triumph for the 1962 and 1963 European rally seasons, rejuvenating Triumphs competition efforts and important in building Triumphs reputation. 3VC, 4VC, 5VC and 6VC have an almost legendary reputation amongst classic Triumph fans having been campaigned in many of the leading rallies during 1962 and 1963.

Our restoration began with an extensive recording of all of 5VCs rare and unique details. These cars were constructed using a variety of non-standard parts and specially fabricated brackets along with bodywork revisions to accommodate engine modifications.

Our approach was to preserve every original detail along with all the significant damage from hard years of rallying. Luckily our client is the joint owner of 6VC and a true Triumph historian with extensive knowledge of 5VCs past. We were further aided by a visit from the owner of 4VC who showed us around his incredibly well preserved and original car. Areas of damage have been sensitively restored and original 1960s fitments used wherever possible.

Body work fabrication on the alloy panels has preserved the original and unusual use of sealer to bond some of them to shell to save weight.

The shell was painted in the original Powder blue colour which provided us with a separate challenge to exactly replicate the original 1960s shade.


The Result

5VC was delivered back to the client as a gapped up painted and polished rolling shell ready for its exacting interior restoration. This legendary part of Triumphs racing history will soon be back on the road.