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Our concours paint process is our premier service but we also carry out non-bare metal painting which is naturally less complex and carries a lower cost, as well as localised paint repair or polishing. Get in contact today to see how we can improve, renovate or repaint your vehicle.


Our concours 14 coat paint process

Our bare-metal paint process is an exacting 14 coat process, using PPG paint products and 3M preparation materials. During the fabrication process as new metal is let in, it is protected by localised application of copper spray. The final panel-beating and shaping is carried out from the perspective of leaving a minimal amount of filler work required to create the perfect final shape.

If the car is an old aluminium bodied vehicle the panel work is now sealed with a specialist product which seals in any microscopic decay that is trapped in the porous aluminium panels.

In the prep and paint shop we will remove the copper spray protection and the shell is given a full coat of etch primer and epoxy primer which is baked for 30 minutes at 60 degrees. A thin skim of filler is applied to any areas that require a final shaping and panels are filled and are correctly gapped. The epoxy primer is further hand shaped and sanded back with 80 grit and finally finished in 180 grit. The vehicle is now ready for the paint shop.

The paint shop prepares the body with a high build primer of which 3 to 4 coats are applied before it is baked for 40 minutes at 65 degrees.  After baking the material is allowed to settle so that any sinking can take place. The primer coat is flatted and shaped by hand with 120 grit and finished in 180 grit.

The shell is then re-primed with a further 3 coats of high build primer’s, baked again and allowed to dry before being hand blocked and flatted again with 240 grit followed by 320 grit. It is finally finished by DA sanding with a 500 grit. The prepped shell is now seam sealed and relevant areas are stone chipped.

Only now is the vehicle ready for final colour application of the base coat. This colour coat is applied in 3 layers followed by 3 coats of clear coat. The vehicle is low baked for 30 minutes and then left to air dry for a few days. Once all the material is cured the car can be polished.

The car is flatted and polished with progressively finer grades of papers starting with 12,000 grit ending on 6,000 grit and machine polished to create a perfect glass like finish.

Our bare metal paintwork carries our full year no quibble guarantee.

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