Completing a restoration – 1974 BMW CS

This attractive gold coloured BMW CS was brought to us to complete a restoration. The interior had survived well and was left with its original patina intact. The body work had been welded and repaired but the owner was not happy with the shut gaps which were uneven.

Our work

We examined the vehicle thoroughly and could see that the welding restoration had been carried out to a variable standard, door shut gaps were uneven and the bonnet was a particularly bad fit. The was due to a front wing being fixed in a fractionally incorrect position. The paint finish was also not up to our standards and mindful of budget we carried outs some expert polishing to rectify this.

The bonnet needed to be carefully remodelled and reshaped to achieve a good fit. The metal was reshaped and new folded lip fabricated to ensure a perfect fit, after this adjustment it had to be resprayed to the match the rest of the vehicle exactly.


The finished BMW CS is now in excellent overall condition. The fit and finish is once again back to the excellent BMW finish demanded of the Karmann factory who completed the shell for this classic BMW.