Bare metal re-spray to exact original colours – Rover 95

This amazing Rover 95 was brought to us for a complete respray. The car was in a fantastic survivor condition and had been worked and well cared for by its owner. Whilst the paint was in excellent condition it did have areas of fading and some damage. We were tasked with repainting the car in its original two-tone colour scheme.

Our work

The most important aspect of our work was perfectly recreating the two original colours. We had the original Rover colour names and we also had the modern Rover factory colour specs for the burgundy and the grey colours, but in our experience the modern versions of old colours are not always accurate.

The original grey colour is a lovely warm stone like colour and was particularly hard to match. We took paint samples from areas on the vehicle that would have had minimum or no exposure to UV rays and therefore would not have faded. We ran a series of colour spray outs using modern colour formulas and variations based on our paint chip samples. With the owner, we finally agreed on two colours that we are confident are an exact match to the paint it had on the day it left the factory.

Once painted and polished our team also carried some restoration work on interior trim. The original textured vinyl headliner was discoloured but was to be retained to maintain originality and we matched the colour by hand and resprayed it. Working with a specialist rubber supplier we were able to match and install new rubber trim to the step plates. Finally, our electrical experts fitted a hidden modern music system and security fuel cut off.


This very special fifty-five year old car is an excellent example of a range of our services being deployed to present a finished vehicle to a perfect overall condition.