About us and what we believe in

When we formed Silsoe Classic and Modern Ltd, we pooled our experiences (good and bad) of working with the competition and set out to create something different and better. Our founding principles are:

Honesty and integrity

We cost things accurately and we give ranges of costs, so you know the best and worst case budget for your restoration.
We don’t under cost to win work and then ‘find’ things that will cost lots more to fix.

We have nothing to hide – we encourage visits and catch ups at the workshop. We’re happy for you to speak directly to the staff carrying out the work on your car.

Updated and in control

We speak regularly. We share photographs, we discuss the issues we have found and we give you options on how to proceed and what to spend your money on.

We understand that classic car restoration is about relationships as much as metal, that’s why we bill you monthly and only for work carried out in that month. Heaven forbid we should fall out – but if we do – you have the peace of mind that you have only paid for work that’s been completed.

Right for you and the car

We do what’s right for the car – to preserve its integrity and preserve it for future generations. That sometimes means we will pass on projects that we think do not have the right budget to do the right job and we’ll be honest and say that we are not the right partners to help you, if we think the work is not in our skill set. It’s not us being precious or pretentious, or trying get more money out of you. It’s just that we realize that the work we do will outlive us all and we want to leave behind the right legacy.

Today, a significant proportion of our business is brought to us by customers who return with a second, third and even a fourth car! Our reputation is paramount, we strive to be the best, we expect to be judged against the very best in the business and are confident that we can compete with them. But we are not arrogant – we appreciate the testimonials from all of our clients who help us feel we are on target to fulfil our ambition of becoming one of the leading classic car restoration shops in the UK.

As a small business, we pride ourselves on our family feel and on being a responsible company that strives to respect and balance commercial demands whilst providing an environment for our staff that both challenges and rewards them.

We are always happy to invite customers to visit us and get to know our team – ultimately, they are ones that will make your ideas and automotive desires a reality.